Witch, Crone, Angel? Six Things to Consider and Do Any of These Judgmental Labels Even Matter?

Rev. Arabella
11 min readApr 5

Embodying our true self takes many steps of integration, and ownership, of the pieces of us which the world may label with prejudice and fear.

Witchy Woman. Logan Square, Chicago. April 2023


I’m both sleep deprived and content this morning. How are you?

It’s warm, in the 60’s, with rain showers so I grabbed my rain slicker and slid it over my bare arms and black tank top. A quick snapshot as I walked out the door to have blood drawn, and while perusing the photos later, I saw my inner Witch.

Isn’t she a sexy beast? Ooh la la. 💋

I’ve kept her hidden the majority of my life due to the mere fact that just my auric light, even while dimmed and downplayed, has scared the holy shit out of people…so like hell was I going to own or advertise I’m a witch.

Witch is in my ancestral blood though and as I’ve shared prior, my mother Hazel schooled me in witchcraft from a young age. Witchcraft is so interspersed into our American culture in 2023 that sometimes I giggle because I know it’s a form of witchcraft, but others play it off as the new spiritual trend.

“No my darlings, we’ve been using those witchy trends for eons.”


And let’s just clarify that Witch, depending on the culture, time in history or location of the world is more than just a woman in black, or the use of dark/black magic. Witch also defines as: Energy Healer, Prophet, Mystic, Sage, Shaman, Psychic, Palmist, Herbalist, Medicine Woman/Man, Sorcerer/ess, Tantrika, Sex Magician, Wizard, Magician, Occultist, Crone…and on and on and on.

Due to persecution, oftentimes from past lives, many of us stay in hiding during our entire incarnation. Add in the egoic hot topic labels like twin flames and we really don’t want to put a spotlight on ourselves, because most of us fit into all the labels in the paragraph above, which come with enormous societal prejudice from sleepers in society.

Some even thought Jesus used demonic energy to heal others. Matthew recorded the response of the religious leaders after Jesus healed a man who was mute, deaf, and blind.

Rev. Arabella

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