Six Tips! Is the Nomad Life Calling You? Some Things to Consider from a Single Woman in her 50's.

Rev. Arabella
10 min readApr 2

Flexibility and openness in attitude are major keys.

Here we go again…a life of freedom has some steps to follow, however…


I’ve moved, yet again, just this morning. Movement is constant these days. Hopping from house to house as I care for a stranger’s pets, plants, and to take on their lifestyle, isn’t for those fixed in “it must be this way or the highway.” I used to be that person who if it was not exactly (and I mean EXACT) to my liking, then I wouldn’t have it nor be open to experience it. “NO!” was my favorite word.

From living a life with a Mr. Coffee machine only, I have discovered the French Press and idiosyncrasies of preparing the perfect cup. There are also pods, K-cups, de-compostable cups, filtered grounds, unfiltered, bleached or natural paper, 18 different kinds of coffee bean grinders, espresso and cappuccino makers which hate me, to the “Starbucks is around the corner, so put your shoes on and walk a bit” just concerning my favorite pastime of having a mug of coffee in the morning…or sometimes until well into the afternoon.

Oh yes, then in certain parts of the world a mug doesn’t exist…it’s a cup the size of a thimble. Sigh. Will I ever get this right or find the perfect cuppa?

Well, guess what? This world does not often live in the exact same way that you do! And thank God for this truth because what a boring ass world it would be if everyone conformed to only drinking Folger’s coffee from a can in their Mr. Coffee maker they got gifted as a wedding present in 1984 (breathe….) AND won’t rid yourself of for sentimental purposes even though you hated that mo-fo that showed up at your wedding!


Apparently so.


I am dramatic at times, but I’m also a hell of a lot of fun, mostly. Bear with me.


Today I find myself, delightfully so, in a village of Chicagoland known as Logan’s Square. It’s described officially as, “…a thriving, multi-cultural community of arts organizations, intimate music venues, locally owned shops, trendy cocktail bars, and beyond. Its creative…

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