Full Moon Illuminates Emotional Triggers from Your Past — Especially Narcissists under the Guise of a Twin Flame.

Spirit Encourages Us to Have Gratitude for these Places Where We are Not Yet Free.

Rev. Arabella
10 min readApr 6


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The truth shall set you free — and I am hesitant to (metaphorically) bleed onto the pages this morning but the illumination of April’s pink full moon today is asking us to directly stare into the face of the beasts we have created, or allowed, into our lives.

So I type.

The false twin.

I recently stumbled upon a photo or two of a man that planted deep seeds of trauma within me and I didn’t cry, cringe, nor feel like death had stabbed me in my gut. I didn’t have that old need for justice or the ever looming wanting to scream to all his fans what a horrible person he is behind his persona. I just looked, recalled the feeling of what I thought was love, and I deleted the photo.

A year ago I was still having full-blown PTSD attacks, just feeling him think of me.

This full moon is illuminating our hidden past which we’ve stuffed down, taking our power back by owning it so we can move more fully into our future.

Emotional Triggers.

For six years, the emotional trigger button within, even affected my sleep, or lack thereof, as he would regularly sexually assault me in the astral realm (yes, that is a thing!). It didn’t matter he had a girlfriend or that I didn’t want him near me in any regard. I had cut chords, prayed, begged, worked with gurus, used boundaries, energetic shielding, had psychic surgery completed on me to get him away from my energy and nothing worked. I would lay awake every night as long as I could and the anxiety would take over to the point of shaking at just the thought of falling asleep, and his opportunity to get into my energy field.

Emotional triggers, also called mental health triggers or psychological triggers, are things (e.g. memories, objects, people) that spark intense negative emotions. This change in…



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