Anti-Social or Just Fed Up? Day One of Giving up Social Media…an Experiment in Living Well.

Rev. Arabella
8 min readMar 31

Esoteric perspectives from the human experience discussing the dysfunction created in our lives by these platforms we claim are social.

Rev. Arabella — An Experiment in Living Well.

I am not particularly fed up, however I am attuned to the experiment of what living well actually is, and is not. I’ve worked professionally online in the world of social media officially since 2009, teach workshops in spiritual communities about the vice it becomes to many, and the manipulation tactics which they get away using in the name of “will you be my friend?”

It was time to put up a post on social media yesterday of “I’m on a social media vacation” and it is far from the first time I’ve done so. Many times I’ve completely wiped out social accounts and started over when I damn well pleased. I have chosen my health and well-being, as only I can do, numerous times to the dismay, displeasure, and discomfort of others who think I’m a bit mad, at best. But I can tell you that each and every time I spend massive amounts of time not tweeting or on the Book of Face that I am my happiest version of self and that’s why I want to share this experiment with you!

During 2021, I battled thyroid cancer which amounted to nearly six months total not doing what everyone else was doing. I had no clue what the latest trend on Twitter was, nor did I care. So although this is far from a new social experiment in 2023, I am very much a different version of my past self who got fed up, wiped out and blocked people that I knew where ghosting me etc. etc. and this time I told everyone I’m on vacation. Personally, this is a more emotionally mature decision, instead of just disappearing like I’ve done prior.

Now, here’s another big difference…drumroll, please….I’m going to share my inner experiences with you as I go along during the next few months, at minimum, while not playing the Meta games which Instagram and Facebook algorithms have us playing. Honestly they hate me because I won’t play the game and they can’t stand that I won’t post when they tell me to post nor pay for what should be free, and do everything opposite of what their manipulatively orchestrated tactics are to suck me in and buy, scroll, and succumb to addiction.

Rev. Arabella

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